You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.
— Plato

At Inner West Drama we believe in sharing stories and empowering performers. Through a combination of play and technique we offer an environment that is rich in learning and development while being fun and accessible. Free of judgement or labels, we provide students with the tools to make brave performance choices on and off stage.


Dive in, explore scripts, play games and discover your child again. Be part of our Adult classes and we’ll guide you from your first performance in Act I to a role a play. You’ll learn various performance techniques by watching, playing and doing. So take part. 

Students who take to the stage in our classes for teens will be equipped with a range of movement, vocal and script analysis techniques which they can take into each performance.  In a celebration of diversity we ask students to explore and share their unique talents in a range of fun improvisations and games. 

Develop confidence, ensemble skills and have fun in our playful classes. With so much structure in our children's lives there's little time for flights of fantasy and play. Inner West Drama offers kids a focused space in which they can play imaginatively through games and improvisation. Join in on the fun.

Kate and Siobhan provide a wonderful creative space to explore drama and creativity in a safe environment.
— Jayde

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